Welcome to Falling To Wonderland!  I would like to give some background as to why I have created this blog and what it means to me.

Life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for me- has it really been smooth sailing for anyone?? From the time I was 16 until about 3 years into college,  I was taking anxiety medication as well as heavy anti-depressants and not making great life choices.  After a series of poor decisions, I was evicted out of my apartment at the age of 19. I dropped out of university and moved back home and in with my parents to work part-time at a retail store.

At my new job I met an amazing guy, who showed me there was much more to life than smoking pot and partying.  Within six months of giving up weed, cigarettes and reckless behavior I felt like a completely different person.  I became very aware that all the pills were making me feel like a zombie. Feeling like a zombie in the past had been so easy because it allowed me to feel numb to the truth, but now I was ready to face reality. I decided I was in a safe mental and physical state to stop the medicine.

Fast forward to today… I have started to put my life back together. I am back in a university and working full-time, but after doing some (much needed) self-reflecting, I realized that I have slowly let the anxiety creep back into my life. Rather than deal with it, I have allowed it to determine my actions. Well guess what?!  I am not having it anymore! I am taking control over my life again!

Something that has effected me the most is my weight gain. As I became more and more  aware of my increasing weight, my anxiety increased as well. I began avoiding the gym –because that will help with the weight issue.  Now after 2 years and 50 lbs of weight, it is time for me to turn it around.

There is a quote that says “In order to get to Wonderland, Alice had to fall down a rabbit hole.” This blog is my rabbit hole; it’s me finding my own version of Wonderland. I don’t know what wonderland will look like for me, but I have found my rabbit hole.

To face my anxiety head on, my plan of attack is to try something new. Frequently. Every two to three weeks I am going to try a new fitness activity. Whether it’s joining a class at my gym, or trying a trial of Taekwondo , I plan to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I also will be writing about other experiences of exploring this journey of finding myself.

I will let you guys know what I am going to try, and give you any tips, tricks, or facts I learn on this journey. If you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to throw it out there in a comment!

Wish me luck!

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