Strive For Progress, Not Perfection.



Not my favorite place in the world. Big surprise – right? 

Well now its REALLY not my favorite place now that I have gained some weight. I think  my least favorite part about my weight gain is that my hips have literally doubled in size.  Usually wearing yoga pants gives me enough comfort to push myself into the gym, But summer here is ridiculously hot. There are days when I cannot force myself into yoga pants, yet I refuse to go to the gym in shorts. Can you see my conundrum?

Well my awesome boyfriend being the awesome boyfriend that he is, created an at home work out for me so I could work out in shorts in the comfort of my own back yard!

Here’s what we used:

  • 20 pound Weighted vest
  • 3 Sandbags (10lbs each)
  • Fire pit
  • Pool

I wore the weighted vest the whole time of the work out. I have never worn one before so it was a little awkward!  We used wall of the fire pit for step ups, and the sand bags in place of kettle bells.

Here’s the work out:

  1. Push-ups (x10) – I had to use a folded beach towel and start on my knees because I have ZERO upper body strength.
  2. Step-ups (x10)– And thats 10 for EACH LEG (not 5 for each leg you cheater!).
  3. Kettle bell swings (x10)- this is where we used the sand bags.
  4. Run a sand bag from the fire pit to the fire hydrant- This was probably about 15 yards.-obviously, if you don’t have a fire pit or fire hydrant, you can use different markers. 🙂 
  5. Air squats when you get to the fire hydrant (x10) –This sounds easy, but after running with a 10lb sandbag, plus the weighted vest…. not so easy!
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 5 until all sandbags are at the fire hydrant. -told you it wasn’t easy!
  7. Now that all the sandbags are at the fire hydrant….do 10 Jumping Jacks!
  8. Pick up a sand bag and run it back to the fire pit –Yep we are back to running. Muahaha
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 until all the sand bags are back to the fire pit.
  10. Sand bag curls (x10)

Now that we have worked up a nice little sweat, we can jump and the pool and relax!


Pool work out:

  1. Swim laps (x5)
  2. Flutter Kicks (x100)
  3. Jumping jacks (x40)
  4. Push-ups (x25)
  5. Flutter Kicks (x100)
  6. High Knees (15)
  7. Jumping jacks (x40)
  8. High Knees (x15)

NOW…. you may relax 🙂

I really liked this work out. At first I was uncomfortable. I already feel huge and now I have a weighted vest on –Great.  But really… once I started going, it was quite funny trying to figure out how to maneuver in the vest. I got a really good work out, and I was in the comfort of my own home! If you are someone who says away from the gym, I highly recommend trying a home work out. It was definitely a confident booster, and even made it a little less difficult going into the gym the next day. I was all… yeah.. Im a bada** I did a work out with a weighted vest so you can’t judge me!  It was a pretty good feeling. 🙂

As always: if you have any ideas for home work outs, or anything else please reach out to me by emailing me or commenting on this post!

Thank you for joining me on this journey,
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