These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

I have this really cool app called all trails;  it uses your smartphone’s GPS to give you a list of trails in the area. You can sort them by how close they are to you, the distance of the trail and also the difficulty of the trail. Today was my day off, so the boyfriend and I decided to go on a hike!

We chose a 4.2 mile trail that was listed as easy and close in proximity. We were on the trail by 10:30am. It was definitely a sunny day (I have the sunburn to prove it!) and although the trail is labeled at easy, the extra pounds that I carry around would like to argue!  By no means would I consider this trail a hard hike, but more like a long, hot, brisk walk.

I did however, enjoy it immensely. I have come to realize that I truly enjoy the outdoors. As my boyfriend and I were walking, I noticed that I was talking his ear off. Lately I have been a little closed off and stuck in my own head. Walking outside allows me to relax and just live in the moment. -which I often forget to do!

Sometimes the road to fitness isn’t always physical (although I did sweat a little bit today). Sometimes its about emotional fitness. When I lived in Monterey a few years ago, I used to go walking, for hours, when I was stressed out. It always seemed to slow down the millions of racing thoughts in my mind and put them into perspective.

The gym, and fitness classes are nice because they motivate me to keep pushing, but being outside helps me to slow things down and re-evaluate my wants and needs.

I especially enjoy hiking with my guy because it feels like it opens up our communication. I have noticed we are more perceptive of ideas when we are doing something productive together…its like we are on the same path or something… Get it? ‘same path’…because we are hiking? I’m funny. We got to day dream a little bit about some fitness goals we would like to reach together.

One of my biggest goals is to compete the half marathon in Big Sur. We would also like to train enough to that we can participate a mud run or Spartan race (He has done them in the past).

Overall it was a lovely day, and I feel at peace with myself.

I think we are going on another hike tomorrow. 🙂

Now… Take a hike!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM



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