52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week Two

My SO and I celebrating our first year together

Last week I introduced the 52 week gratitude challenge and explained why I am incorporating it into my blog. Therefore I consider my post from last week to be “week one: Why start this challenge.”

That being said, Week two’s topic is: Spouse/Significant Other.

I am so incredibly thankful for my SO. Get your vomit bags ready, because he one of my favorite topics to write about! He is the bee’s knees, the peanut butter to my jelly, the ink to my pen.

I tell him quite often how thankful I am for his existence in my life, but I really don’t think he has any clue how much I truly appreciate him. Everyday he supports me and encourages me.

If it tell him I want to start a blog, and then almost spend FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS on a sketchy website, and then want to throw in the towel because “how in the world could I even have a sucessfull blog, If I can’t even set up the blog to start with”…he just laughs and tells me that I will find the right website (thanks WordPress!), and that I shouldn’t give up.

This man loves me unconditionally and apologetically. I know I’m a hot mess sometimes –okay more like most of the time!– yet, I never have to apologize for my emotions. One of the things I struggle with is that I am an emotional person; I wear my heart on my sleeve. Most days I hate being that way because many people around me view that trait as a weak one.

A couple weeks ago I was complaining to him about me always being a cry baby… and do you know what he says to me? He says that one of the things he loves about me is that I am not just passionate about one thing, that I am passionate about everything and that’s what makes me who I am. –This is the part where you make a vomit noise and grimace at the cuteness.–

The word “emotional” has such a negative connotation. It feels reactive, as if I have no control over it. –which I will admit.. I don’t always have control!– But the word “passionate” It is active. It is empowering. I am grateful for the way he empowers me.

When we first started dating I had just moved from Monterey, California to Sacramento, California. My life in Monterey was a mess –noticing a pattern here?…Im pretty much a mess of a person 24/7.– I was making poor decisions, and going nowhere in life. Regardless, it was still a hard move because: UM HI!?! I LIVED NEXT TO THE OCEAN!!! But also because I knew I was leaving a life of partying and moving forward to the unknown life of this thing called responsibility. –Yuck.–

Anyways… we had been dating for maybe a few weeks and I had told him how much I missed the beach, the next day he sends me a picture of a sea-side resort in Southern California with a text that says: we are going on vacation! But that is the kind of person he is. Thoughtful. Loving. AMAZING.

Even when the relationship was brand new I never had to wonder if he was seeing a bunch of girls, or if he was playing games. There was an immediate friendship with him, and therefore a deep trust was established. We are almost at our three year mark, and I am so in love with my best friend. Of course relationships are never perfect, things come up… but we continue to build on what we have through a lot of love, and a lot of communication. I will be forever grateful for my man. He saved me from myself, and showed me how a woman should be treated. And he continues to rise me up, and show me that I can be that better person I’m always striving to be.

Gratitude is so important in any relationship. “Thanks yous” are far and few between. Maybe if we spread more love and said thank you a little more often, people would see that you don’t always have to push someone else down to be lifted. I don’t know about you, but I feel great after giving a genuine thank you! Making people feel good, makes me feel good!
I’m thankful for the people that read this!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM


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