The Answer is Always ‘no’ When the Question is Unasked.

So the past couple weeks have been full of working and hiking, and no so much trying new things. I haven’t even followed up on my Spin class post! There’s actually a reason for it! About three weeks ago I hurt my shoulder while I was at work -I know… super lame.- I had to go to the doctors and everything. At first they thought I tore my rotator cuff, but after a couple physical therapy sessions, they were pretty sure I just strained the muscles in there.  Its starting to feel a lot better, and hopefully tomorrow the doctor will clear me to start using my arms to work out.

With that being said, I have found myself a new adventure! Something I used to do periodically while I lived  in Monterrey was Bikram Yoga. Its a 60 minute yoga session in a heated room -about 105°- with 40% humidity. Bikram is all about focusing on slow movements and your breathing. Each class consists of the same 26 movements, but the point is to become more flexible and be able to move deeper into the position.  It is a challenging class, but you feel so relaxed and refreshed –all while dripping sweat!- once the 60 minutes is up.

The reason why I could never commit to it, was because it’s so dang expensive!! I mean its understandable, they have to pay an electricity bill that constantly heats a room to the correct temp, they have to have be able to properly clean it and make sure there is no bacteria growing  (heat+humidity+sweat=yuck).

Frequently, I check prices at my local studios to see if they are doing any deals for students, or new sign ups, etc. Well,  the other day I stumbled across a program my local yoga studio has. It’s called Yoga For Trade. Basically you agree to work a four hour shift, once a week with a four month commitment, and for as long as you are there, you get unlimited yoga classes!! The down side was that you had to have already been a member with them for 6 months to be eligible.

I was so sad for a minute, but then I decided I would apply for the program, and in the “about me” area, I would explain to them why they should make an exception and allow me to participate in the program.

I was pleasantly surprised when the director of the program responded back with in 24 hours, and said that she would love to have me at the studio.

That’s right…I’M IN!

I am extremely nervous because: Number one: I just made a 4 month fitness commitment. Number two: They have no idea what I look like, and it makes me a little scared to walk in next week, not looking like your typical yogi-girl.-more like yogi-bear, ha ha-  And finally number three: Hot yoga is HOT, meaning the tighter the cloths, and the less you wear, the better off you will be… and lets just say there’s no way in heck that I’ll be wearing booty shorts and a sports bra…. I need to take a trip to target and get something that will work with the heat, but not completely expose me!

On a more positive note; This studio does more than just hot yoga. They have hot Pilates, a bunch of other types of yoga, and also heated and non heated boot camp classes.

So let’s review: I put myself out there and took a risk because I wanted something badly enough to not accept the first ‘no’… now I have opened my opportunities, to not just one new activity, but multiple!!

I start training on Thursday, and then from there out I can start participating in any of the classes! Yay!!

Namaste 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM


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