I Came, I Saw, I Made it Awkward.

Recap: I received an awesome opportunity to work in a yoga studio once a week, and in turn I get paid via unlimited hot yoga! It is called the the Yoga For Trade (YFT) Program. You can read more about how I got to my current point Here.

On Thursday I had my first training session at the studio. I was really nervous because no one knew what I looked like, and typically this program is for already established yogis. Needless to say, I am not an established yogi, nor do I have that physique.

Let’s just start with my drive there… I’m already nervous so I put the address in my GPS (I know generally where its at, but have not actually seen the studio in person) to find the quickest route. Well my GPS takes me to some random residential street and tells me I have arrived. –Siri, you are a dirty liar!–  Now I am panicking a little bit, because now I am getting short on time. I decide to just trust my own mind, and get myself to the shopping center where I have seen the signs for the studio. One would think that once you get into the shopping center, it would be simple to find the store you are looking for…Not so much. I drove around the entire center, and finally at the end I found the studio.-Nowhere near the street sign for it.- If you know me, you know that I am usually early everywhere I go, like 15-20 minutes early. Luckily, I had made it right on time.

OK! I’m at the studio, slightly stressed and nervous, but there. My trainer jumps right in, showing me how we have to go to each room and start the heater and humidifier so that the rooms are ready for the first classes in half an hour.

One problem, you cant wear shoes in the rooms…. and I happened to wear tennis shoes that day.

Great..now I’m this awkward chunky girl who is fumbling to get her shoes off, while the trainer stands there and waits patiently. OHMYGOSH WHY CAN’T I MOVE ANY FASTER! Finally the shoes are off, and we go into the room and do what needs to be done, now onto the next room.

…but wait, my shoes! Do I put them back on, just to repeat that whole fiasco down the hall? Do I just walk around barefoot? Is that weird? So I just grab my socks and stick my feet in the shoes and kind of shuffle down the hall until we get to the next room.

At last, we are done with the rooms! I decide the best plan of action is to put my socks in the cubby with my yoga mat, and then loosen my laces and just wear my shoes like slip-ons. Easy enough.  The rest of training went smoothly, and I didn’t have any more hiccups with my wardrobe.

After training, I was told I could take a class. I walk into the room and lay out my mat in the back of the room.-no on can see me struggle back here! So HA!-  yeah… so the class started to fill up and I noticed that no one is sitting on my side of the room…. Then the teacher comes in and sets her mat to the right of mine. Cool. I had the layout of the room wrong. So now I’m not only NOT in the back hiding, I am now in the DIRECT FRONT NEXT TO THE INSTRUCTOR. I really just want to cry at this point.

But then I said: “Self: Suck it up! The whole point of doing this is be better, and to get out of my comfort level. So what if I’m in front?! This is a hard class, and if someone has time to laugh at me for struggling, then they aren’t doing their best. So rock it, girl.” (<–That’s the legit pep talk I had in my head… you’re welcome for that insight.)

And just like that, I did an entire 60 minutes of hot yoga in front of a handful of people. You know what the cool thing is? I enjoyed myself. I felt energized and accomplished after the class, and I was able to laugh at myself for being so on edge earlier in the day.

Monday I have my second day of training, and will be added into the system so I can take classes regularly.

I think the moral of this story is: Don’t take yourself too seriously. You are not that cool. Also… put yourself out there. If you want to see change, only you can make that happen.

Stay awkward my friends.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM


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