Sore. The Most Satisfying Pain.

Hello Friends!

I have a new work out to add to my list of new activities! So I know we all see those work out DVD’s and think… I will look like such a goofball doing that stuff! Do they work? Can I do that?  Well the first one is true, but let me tell you… I haven’t been this sore from a work out in a long time!

What is this work out DVD I speak of?

Surprise! its not a DVD, its like the netflix of the work out world. Its called the Daily Burn. ( It’s a streaming service that offers a plethora of work outs. Right now they are offering a free 30 day trial. (after that its 14.96) They also have a premium plan that gives you more content. (26.95 a month)

Out of all the different options, the program I chose was called Inferno. My boyfriends mom did the work out with me, and while I think that program was meant for people with a little more experience, we definitely had fun.

The work out was about 30 minutes. there were items you needed for the work out (like a step-box) but we just used our own body weight. That being said…I WAS SO SORE after the work out. It’s been about 2 days since I completed it and I’m just now starting to get the soreness out of my legs and arms.

While I did feel like a complete goofball, I had a ton of fun and the work out was extremely effective. I would like to try a couple more before I make up my mind on the service itself.

Here’s my list of pros and cons:

Pros: I’m sore aren’t I? That means it worked! It is super convenient, you can literally work out any time, any where with this service. It eliminates excuses about not having time;  30 minute work outs are extremely doable.

Also I like that it offers programs like yoga 🙂

Cons: I didn’t like that you had to have work out gear. If I’m doing a home work out, I don’t generally have a step-up box, or dumbbells, etc. It would have been nice for them to use household items, or no extra equipment. Now again, this video seemed to be for people who already know how to work out and are somewhat in shape so that makes me think those people probably have something like a home gym… but then the other side of me feels like those aren’t the people using this service….hmmmm. Things to think about.

I plan on doing a few more work outs, and then I will post a final review and also decide if I will keep the subscription or cancel it before my 30 days.

Keep on pushin’ for your goals,

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM




One thought on “Sore. The Most Satisfying Pain.

  1. suz2314 says:

    Ugh that was hard!!! I can’t believe you did yoga then that workout at home!!! That’s commitment! Thank you for inspiring me!


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