Hot Yoga Update

Now that I have about 5 classes under my belt, I wanted to give an update on how hot yoga is going!

It’s definitely still a little awkward and I’m still learning, but I am improving. Before, I would have to stop during class to take a breather; otherwise I would get light headed or dizzy. Now, most of the time, I can go through the whole class with out stopping. Also, I like that I’m more comfortable with the movements and postures. Now I can focus on those rather than watching the teacher.

Since I’ve started yoga I have lost a few pounds. (about 15 at this point) now I know it’s not just the yoga, (I have also been eating a lot cleaner) but Starting my mornings with yoga helps keep me focused on my goals throughout the day.

Also my favorite thing…. I have noticed a huge difference in my mood! I am a lot more relaxed, a lot less stressed, and a lot happier! When I start to get stressed out I find myself using the breathing techniques I learned in class.

My schedule has been a little crazy lately, but it’s starting to calm down. I’m really happy that I have this opportunity to participate in the hot yoga classes. I would like to do at least 4 classes a week on top of a regular gym routine.

I’m looking for my next adventure! If you have any ideas, please please please let me know!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM


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