52 Weeks of Gratitude: Week Six

Week six is here!

Today’s topic for 52 Weeks of Gratitude is:  The city you live in.

I live in Sacramento, Ca. I HATED this city until I left for three years and came back. When I left, I was 17 and young and hadn’t been able to experience the city I had lived in my whole life.

I moved to Monterey for college and fell in love with the city. Looking back I wonder if I fell in love with Monterey because it was everything I didn’t get to do in Sacramento. I was free! I could do anything I wanted, and had no one to answer to… –yeah…I made some great decisions as a 17 year old on my own…not.–

Anyways… After I grew up a little bit –And by growing up I mean I got evicted out my apartment, and had to move back to sacramento and live on my best friends couch for 3 months– I started to experience all the cool things my home city has to offer! Here’s a little list of the things I am grateful for in my city:

  1. Seasons: In Monterey, it was pretty much sweater weather 90% of the time. In Sacramento there are actually seasons here. Sundresses, shorts, cute sandals, all that good summer/spring stuff! Don’t get me wrong, I love yoga pants, boots, sweaters, but sometimes it’s nice to feel sun on your skin.
  2. Location: I love that I can get to Tahoe in an hour-ish, I can get to the beach in a couple hours. Anything that I could possibly want to do is a short drive away.
  3. Lakes: I love the beach, but even when I lived in Monterey, I didn’t go to the beach that often. The lake is 20 minutes from my house; I don’t have to worry about sharks; it’s warm enough to actually swim in the water. (See reason number one)
  4. Fall: Okay it still has to do with seasons, but more specifically Fall! Sacramento is the city of trees!! So when fall comes around, it’s beautiful. Its my favorite time of year because all the leaves turn red, orange and yellow. The heat recedes enough so that you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and still be the perfect temperature.
    1. (still going on with fall kind of) Bonfires! In Monterey it was always super windy, and wind+sand=Not that fun. Bonfires in Sacramento, during a fall night is perfection.
  5. Apple hill: So it isn’t in Sacramento, but its about 40 minutes away. During the fall —I think we are all starting to see why I actually like Sacramento– The orchards are full of apples and you can go and buy apple pie, caramel apples, apple wine. EVERYTHING APPLE! Plus it is gorgeous. 🙂

Now that I have been able to experience some of Sacramento, I am very grateful that I live here. Moving back, and being here gave me the opportunity to meet my wonderful man. So that is also a plus!

What a wonderful feeling it is, to be appreciative of where you live.



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