Snapbacks and Tattoos

Okay I’m not going to write about snapbacks, but I am going to write about tattoos… more specifically: Mine!

I love tattoos! My own and other peoples. I like the artsy-fartsy side of them, but what I really love are the stories. Whether it’s a spontaneous-drunk-no-reason-for-it tattoo, or it’s something that embodies a soul, tattoos are little windows to who people are. It’s like wearing a cryptic piece of your heart for everyone to see. Even if it one of those no-reason tattoos, its still a story, a sneak-peak into someones life or style. I LOVE IT. 

Tattoos are becoming more popular, so people are less inclined to ask about the storied behind the ink. During one of my classes I saw a girl with a bee tattoo right in the middle of her upper back. It was beautiful and I told her it looked great but I failed to ask her why she got it. I think I will ask the next time I see her.

All of my tattoos have some kind of meaning, they didn’t always when I got them. Some of them grew into their purpose. All of my tattoos (with the exception of one) have served as symbol of  self healing. So this post is dedicated to self healing, and also a little bit of acceptance. —yep, I have a tattoo that I’m not quite proud of!— I will try and write about them in chronological order. 🙂 Also I may break it up into 2 posts, since giving a back story on 6 tattoos seems a little intense.

Tattoo number one: This tattoo is the one that had to grow into it’s purpose. Its also the tattoo Im not that proud of, and its also the tattoo that didn’t really serve as a self healing symbol (until later on). Back Story: I was 18, I had wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember and my boyfriend at the time offered to buy me my first tattoo for my birthday. —We can all see where this is going, right?– Of course I was thrilled and said yes.  We went to the tattoo shop and I picked out a crescent moon with two flowers (I changed the flowers to tiger lilies) and decided it would go on my hip. I don’t know why or how I thought up this great idea, but I decided to get this guys initials. —Did y’all just roll your eyes? I know I did!– my rational was that he was paying for it anyways, so regardless if we stayed together or broke up I would always see the tattoo and think of him anyways, so why the hell not! Yeah…. that relationship lasted about a year after that. oops. I hated it for a while, then… I kind of didn’t. It was a really good relationship. He was a super sweet guy, and treated me like a princess. We just weren’t meant to be together and I am so so happy that I experienced that relationship, but I am also ecstatic it didn’t last (Because I have the bees knees now!) And I think thats exactly why I don’t really mind the tattoo, it reminds me that you can have awesome people come and go in your life, and just because they aren’t in your life any more, doesn’t mean you should hate them or regret the relationship. Also I get a good laugh when I see the look on peoples face when I say it stands for Jack Daniels and then the look on their face when I tell them what it really means. CLEARLY initials are still a big No-No. Again…oops.


Tattoo Number 2:  I have a neck tattoo… yeah I know I’m a badass. Just kidding. It’s actually behind my ear and goes down my neck. Also it is flowers and butterflies! 🙂 The story behind this one is a little darker, and my first tattoo that was a tribute to self healing. I am not sure if many people have heard of it (unless you know a little bit about self-harm) but there is something called the butterfly project. Through out high school (and a little bit in college) I would self harm. Theres no good reason for it except that I felt like I didn’t have control over the pain in my life so the self harm was my way of taking control. (obviously not in a good way) Back to the butterfly project: The whole idea was that when you felt like self-harming you would draw a butterfly instead and name it after a loved one. You couldn’t wash it off, and you couldn’t cut while the butterfly remained. It was essentially a tool to break the habit and remind you that there are loved ones worth living for. During a particularly hard year in college (right about when the above relationship started going south) I had been self harming and came to the conclusion that it needed to stop. Permanently. To be honest, there were still some struggles after this point…but it was a turning point. So I got flower and 2 butterflies. The flower was to represent me, someone just trying to grow and bloom and the two butterflies represented 2 friends that had pulled me out of the house on a daily-basis to try and recover. The butterflies are the colors of their favorite colors. The butterflies were my PERMANENT reminders that in the very least, I had two loved ones that were there to pull me out of darkness.


Tattoo Number 3: This is my biggest tattoo. It starts on my upper left shoulder and wraps down to the top(ish) of my ribs. I got it probably about 6 months after the neck tattoo. It has 2 humming birds and the words Live, Laugh, Love. –I know…The words are soo00 original– Why humming birds? Back in the day I had read something like: Humming represent love, peace, life, and perseverance. They are the only birds that can hover and fly backwards which was suppose to represent the idea that its okay to pause and remember where you have been, but to overcome challenges that you have faced. And then of course the words. Live: Live life to the the fullest with no regrets. Laugh: Be happy, choose happiness. Love: Its okay to open yourself to love, even when you are afraid.


Okay! Thats all for now! I will follow up with the last three in a day or so. –See what I did there? Im not giving you a real deadline! so HA!–

Regardless of what the image is, tattoos are the perfect reminder to live without regrets. They are permanent (kind of). Even if you hate your tattoo 10 years down the road, at one point in time it meant enough to you to mark your body…and that my friends, is pretty significant.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM



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