Don’t Wish For it; Work For it: Update.

Okay Lady and Gents, I have officially started this challenge. On Sunday I went to another orientation where they explained the meal plan and did our measurements and our first weigh in. So let’s be real about how the challenge works:

You drop about 500 bucks (that’s your motivation!) But you can get your money back if:

You lose 20lbs AND

Obtain a healthy BMI OR Obtain a healthy Body Fat Percentage.

The catch is: If you lose 20lbs during the 6 weeks, but don’t achieve a healthy BMI/BFP you get automatically rolled over into a second challenge (another 6 weeks), where you are expected to loose another 20lbs AND reach a healthy BMI/BFP. As long as you keep losing 20lbs, (but not the other 2) you can keep getting rolled over into another 6 week challenge, and once you lose 20lbs AND healthy BMI/BFP during a challenge, you get your money back. NOW….If you don’t lose 20lbs each round, thats it. You are done, and you don’t get your money back. So you have to go into the challenge understanding these conditions, and also understanding that if you are a heavier person like me, you will probably have to do more than one round to get your money back.

I weigh 176lbs going into this thing. I know after the first round I should weigh a max of 156, and after the second round I should be around 136! I am actually hoping to lose 25lbs per challenge so I can lose a total of 50lbs.

The meal plan is pretty straight forward. The give you a list of all the food you can eat, along with spices and condiments too. The list has 2 sections: Foods that are the best for you, and foods that are good, but not the best.

They also give you a class on supplements and when/why to take certain ones. I actually found it super helpful.

Lastly they give you unlimited access to their gym, and to their coaches. Today was my first day working out, and I have never walked away from a work out smiling and being stoked to come back. Its been about 2 hours since I finished the work out and I am starting to get sore, I know I will be taking a epsom salt bath tonight! But I had fun!! the coaches were goofy and helped me with my form, and high-fived me when I pushed myself. They challenged me, and made me want to try, and told me it was okay to slow down when I had pushed too hard. I have NEVER felt so loved, and un-judged in a gym.

I know I may not be this excited every day, and I’m sure it will get harder, but today… I am proud of myself. And I am happy that I decided to invest in myself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.27.37 PM


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